Layla Dias Band


Who we are

The Layla Dias Band is an up and coming four piece ensemble based out of Santa Cruz, California that plays original music written by Layla Dias. Inspired by a plethora of genres and artists, from the band you can expect to hear powerful vocals, rich harmonies, meaningful lyrics, catchy grooves, and styles of rock, folk, jazz, rnb, reggae, soul, funk, blues, and pop. Our goal as a band is to build community and share our expression through music. Layla writes relatable songs about her life and the world around her with a goal to connect people through the common hardships that we face as a result of policies, economics, industrialism, colonization, and the climate catastrophe. 

Names of people in photo from top to bottom: Top right: Layla Dias (she/her) guitar and vocals.  Top left: Andrea Urzúa (she/her) Bass. Bottom right: Aidan Santa Cruz (he/him) keyboard. Bottom left: Kalen Ramirez (he/him) drums.